We perform technical, economical and electrical car recharge studies. All customized for the installation of charging car points. We offer you the possibility of making the expenses of the project. In return, you will receive an economic compensation and an exclusive service where your company will improve its environmental image. Choose us if you are interested in electric car charging systems.



We specialize in electric vehicle charging projects. Our charging points have Type 2 hoses (the most widespread in Spain), with semi-fast loading and up to 22kW per tap. Accessible by APP or RFID card to make loading as simple as possible. We work with top brand vehicle chargers. You will have real-time information of who loads your chargers and your profit each month. Meet our first installation in Granada.



If you have a parking space, business, gym or hotel and you want to offer the service of electric chargers, do not hesitate to contact us. We also offer services for electric car recharging in supermarkets. We take care of everything from the initial study, best location, construction management, legalization of the installation and maintenance of the loading point. Now, electric vehicle drivers can find you and go to your business. Either, if you are a recharging parking lot or any other type of establishment.



Does your City Council or public entity want to set an example of sustainable mobility? Eliminate air pollution with your municipality and bet on sustainable development. We support your administrative procedures and help you achieve your goals in supplying a network of electric car charging systems and installations for your city.