New Announcement: Climate Projects

New Announcement: Climate Projects
28 Mar 2018

The next day, April 10, 2018 will be the Call 2018 for the selection of Climate Projects, referring to projects to reduce CO2 emissions in Spain in diffuse sectors whose emissions reductions can be acquired under the FES-CO2 Carbon Fund.

Aid Program: Climate projects

The Climate Projects of the Carbon Fund for a Sustainable Economy (FES-CO2) are projects to reduce emissions of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) developed in Spain.

The Climate Projects, promoted through the FES-CO2, are designed to mark a path of transformation of the Spanish productive system towards a low carbon model.

The climate projects will be located in Spain and will be developed in the so-called “diffuse sectors” (not subject to the European emission trading scheme), such as the transport, agriculture, residential or waste, among others.

The reductions of emissions acquired through the FES-CO2 will require the fulfillment of a series of requirements, among others, those established in article 7 of RD 1494/2011, of October 24, which regulates the Carbon Fund for a Sustainable Economy:

  • Be additional to those derived from the sectoral regulations established in the current legislation that apply to them.
  • Proceed from facilities and sectors not subject to the emissions trading scheme.
  • Be measurable and verifiable, so that they are reflected in the inventory of greenhouse gases in Spain.
  • They will be calculated in accordance with methodologies to be approved by the Governing Council.

There are two types of Climate Projects:

It corresponds to the project that includes one or several defined activities, with a specific start date for each of them.

It corresponds to an expanded approach to project that includes several activities that are progressively added to the program, allowing similar activities and are distributed in different geographical areas of Spain, can be grouped into the concept of a program. In addition, under this concept of program, the gradual adhesion of activities that fit into a common denominator is allowed, that is, they propose the same type of action.

The documentation will be updated at the time of opening of the call. In this way, on April 10 we will inform you again.

However, the approach will be similar to that of previous years so let’s prepare the models, Letter Engineers as always is here to advise you.


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