Letter Engineers: an anniversary with a lot of Energy

No son los individuos los que hacen las empresas exitosas, sino los equipos
24 Apr 2018

A fun sports day and a great meal commemorating define events during this weekend for the fifth anniversary of Letter Engineers.

Team Letter Engineers: I Sports meeting

Fellowship, fun, team or union are adjectives that are part of what we experienced during this weekend at the celebration events of the 5 years of life of Letter, a small company born out from the energy of Juan Carlos García, María Ávila y Alberto Ochando, founders and promoters of the society.


On Friday, the team Letter lived a fun and energetic sports day, whose goal was simply to leave the stress of the office and promoting social relations between the management team and technical: friendship, teamwork, the competitiveness, the participation of all, etc. Objectives that were more than achieved when the football match played by all the components of Letter Engineers began.

5th Anniversary Party Letter Engineers


On the other hand, on Saturday there was a great anniversary party and dinner, in which the whole team and our companions offered the trajectory of the organization and we blow out the candles with a great desire: For another five years more than Letter Engineers !!!

Now, a new stage begins, with an ambitious future projection: “Work to consolidate the growth experienced and implement new lines of business around training and software development”



Letter Ingenieros
Letter Ingenieros

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