Letter Engineers: Five years working with Energy Efficiency

Letter Engineers: Five years working with Energy Efficiency
12 Apr 2018

Letter Engineers celebrates its 5th anniversary in the development of energy projects.

Why an Energy Efficiency company?

Back in 2013, the economic situation of the country caused three young experts in energy matters and with a very different situation, to pose the following question: what now? … a question that was answered with “OTHER COUNTRY”… but these three young people, (María Ávila, Juan Carlos García y Alberto Ochando), were unwilling to have to leave his city, his family, much less abandon their dreams, to answer that dreaded question …

With years of experience in the energy sector they decide to combine their skills, qualities and knowledge to venture into the business world. In this way, LETTER INGENIEROS saw the light with a single mission: To meet legal, energetic and environmental needs of the customers, offering an integrated service of Engineering and Environmental Consulting.

5 years with Energy Efficiency

Now, 5 years later, LETTER INGENIEROS and its more than 20 workers are proud of the way traveled, the projects executed and the energy savings achieved. That is why, and for much more, so from the management team of Letter Engineers, has been launched:


Next Friday, April 20 at 12:00, on the sports courts of Vegas del Genil, the entire team of LETTER ENGINNERS, will play two tests: in pairs we will conduct a Padel Tournament and by teams we will play a football match.

An event designed to share our happiness with the whole team, day after day makes it possible, those three youths turned into a leader team, continue to believe in the present and continue to bet on the future of LETTER ENGINEERS.


Letter Ingenieros
Letter Ingenieros

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