Management and control of public lighting in Barcelona City – AWARDED

Management and control of public lighting in Barcelona City – AWARDED
27 Jun 2018

Letter Engineers is awarded the service of management and control of public lighting of the City of Barcelona for 4 years.

Technical Assistance and Management of Public Lighting

The object of the contract is double: to be technical assistance in support of the operation of the control system as well as manage and optimize energy consumption.

Barcelona City Council decided in 2016 for a new centralized control service for its public lighting. The control is based on monitoring and supervision through a platform that integrates all the energy and maintenance aspects. Since 2018 this service will be managed by Letter Engineers and Bettergy, who will work closely with public lighting services of the City Hall. If everything goes well the company intends to be at least until 2022, since it is a contract extendable in 2 + 2 years.

Currently the scope of the contract consists of 2,909 command centers of which 60% of them are remote managed. The vast majority of them communicate with radio technology through 6 receivers, although there is also point-to-point management. In addition, in recent years they have been adding energy-saving measures such as flow regulators and LED lamps with different levels.

One of the most innovative systems in which we are working is the dynamic control of luminosity from lux measurements every 15 seconds. System implemented for years and that will be refined in the next.

Now Letter Engineers manages the public lighting of two of the largest and most emblematic Spanish city halls: Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca. Recall that we were awarded the contract to Palma in 2015 for a total of 4 years ending next year. With all this, the company strengthens and consolidates as the national benchmark in the efficient management of public lighting.


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